The Dark Knight Returns Trailer – What Is Wrong With Gordon’s Voice?

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You know, after years and years of waiting for this finally to happen, I’m kind of let down. Maybe it’s just the hyperactive cuts and random shots? Maybe it’s Peter Weller’s complete lack of character? Maybe The Dark Knight Returns has just been blown too much out of control, and will never be as good as we imagined. I don’t know. But this seems wrong.

And Gordon’s voice? It’s not as iconinc as other character, and there have been several versions. But this squeaky, whiny businessman voice? No, why would you give him that voice? That’s just terrible, in so many ways. Especially since, you know, you go into this knowing that Batman’s going to sound wrong. And that’s lame, but you knew it was coming. But Gordon? Who expects them to fuck up his voice? There was no preparation for that. What the hell are they doing over there?