The Prototype Trailer – Man, That’s Just Atomic Robo

This is another one of those “robots with a human brain” movies we’re all so excited about. At least I think. It’s possible that they’re just mapping the human brain to create a robot with AI. It’s not entirely clear. It’s definitely a lot of looking at brain scans while building robots. That much is clear. But now he’s escaped. And Irish M Bison has to track him down.

But the robot’s just Atomic Robo. I mean, look at him. Now, look at this:

Same guy. Same fucking guy.

I think Atomic Robo has less shit in his fingers. And Atomic Robo definitely has a robot brain, and not a human brain, so if this robot has a human brain, that’s a slight difference. But physically, they look pretty damn similar.

  • Max L.

    Disagree.  Atomic Robo looks WAY cooler.