The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Trailer – Bella Continues to Be An Idiot

“I lived my entire life as the most normal girl.” Well, except for the vampire boyfriend and the werewolf and the ridiculous number of people that want to murder you, and the fact that you’re, like, the most attractive person at your (admittedly small) high school. “I was born to be a vampire.” No you weren’t. It’s a damn curse. Admittedly it’s a shitty curse, since all the worst parts of being a vampire seemed to have been removed, but still, it’s not like the universe was just lining up to make you undead. You could have gone out with that guy that didn’t enjoy Punch-Kicker or whatever terrible name that movie had. But no. You had to break mustache dad’s heart, and marry the murderer guy who turned you into a murderer girl. That’s not nice.

Anyway, some stuff happens. They fight the evil vampires, but if I know anything about how much this series likes getting back to status quo, I’m assuming not a lot happens. I’m just saying. They have superpowers. They know there are other superpowered people being evil and eating innocent tourists. But they do nothing. Uncle Ben would be ashamed. For these folks “With great power comes lounging around on a damn beach for, like, an ENTIRE movie.” That’s way less entertaining.