Well, That’s Great, But Where’s MODOK’s Big Ugly Head?

From the set of Iron Man 3, it would appear that AIM will be in the movie in some way. Cause that’s definitely an AIM sign. So they’ll be doing… whatever AIM does when they’re not making a Cosmic Cube. My entire experience with the organization comes from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, so they might be more complex than I believe.

I just hope it means we get to see a MODOK in the movie. Again, I’m basing all of this on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but MODOK works for, or possibly runs, AIM in that show. So hopefully I get to see his creepy giant ass head body floating around in the Iron Man 3 movie. Don’t ruin it for me if that’s not going to happen.

And Marvel? If you are going to put MODOK in the movie, and you need some casting ideas… maybe Bruce Campbell?