Your and You’re, It’s Not That Complicated

Do you hate it when people use the wrong Your/You’re? Do you like white guys rapping incredibly fast? Do you like hearing rap over Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”?

Of course you do. That’s why you’ll love this video, which is all of those things. There is a lot of cursing and comparison of male sexual organs to brass instruments, though. So you might want to avoid listening to this near people who would get pissy about that. And don’t bring it in to show to your tenth grade english class, no matter how much the teacher complains about people misusing those words. I doubt she’s appreciate it. I mean, she may personally appreciate it, but she’d still have to punish you as a representative of the school. And then she’d feel bad about it. Just put it on your facebook, and then she’ll see it, because the school is spying on you, and then she’ll appreciate it there, but she can’t say anything because she can’t let you know she’s spying on you, but she’ll give you some extra credit for something unrelated, and no one else will know why, but you’ll know why, because I just explained it.